How To Volunteer

Here are some reasons why this experience is right for you:

  • Become who you are called to be
  • Volunteering overseas at developing communities will challenge and allow you to step out of your comfort zone – thereby helping you discover strengths and abilities you did not know you had
  • This will give you an opportunity to meet other like-minded volunteers around the world and develop meaningful friendships
  • You will also gain an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of children and women who are in difficult situations
  • Most importantly, this experience will stretch your faith and cause you to rely on God – thereby transforming your character and your life as a whole 


Ideal VIDES Volunteers have the following qualities:

  • Love for serving others and an eagerness make an impact in the world
  • Have an open mind and an ability to adapt to cultural differences
  • Are flexible and ready to meet unexpected challenges
  • Have a spirit of free giving of self



Volunteer Requirements:

  • Genuine desire to serve
  • Catholic or non-Catholic open to community living within a religious community
  • Single or married, 19+ years of age
  • Canadian citizen or resident
  • Ability to speak the language in the particular geographical location
  • Full participation at the formation process (Formation Camp – 1 night)
  • Current Police background check



Where you can volunteer:

  • We are present in 89 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa with 138 groups and 4425 volunteers


In AFRICA we are in 22 countries.

In AMERICA we are in 23 countries.

In ASIA and Middle East we are in 18 countries.

In EUROPE we are 23 countries.

In OCEANIA we are 3 countries.


For more details, please feel free to the VIDES Canada director: Sister Jeannine Landry at



Application Process:

It takes approximately six months before volunteers can embark on their overseas mission. This is because the orientation details need to be completed, so we can best prepare you for your trip.
The orientation details are as follows:
  • Temporary Brief Profile form
  • Full Application
  • Interview
  • Formation/service period
  • Commissioning
  • Placement procedures


Experience self-transformation and spiritual growth living Salesian Youth Spirituality:

  • A spirituality of daily, ordinary life—God-is-with us every moment of our day—faith and life are one
  • A spirituality of joy and optimism—cheerful outlook and good sense of humor
  • Of mutual respect and communion with others
  • Of responsible service



Or download the following PDF Form and send it via email to the attention of sister Jeannine Landry


Mail to Address: 178 Steeles Ave E Markham ON L3T 1A5