Who We Are

VIDES Canada is a volunteer missioner organization that is dedicated to education and development for children, youth and women in situations of poverty, marginalization, or difficulty, both in Canada and worldwide.

VIDES Canada volunteers and missioners walk in solidarity with those they serve and accompany them to create the necessary conditions for a better quality of life in which they can provide for themselves and break the vicious cycle of poverty which surrounds them as they grow in faith.

VIDES Canada provides service opportunities that build leadership skills by emphasizing the value of respect of the human person, striving for social justice, sharing oneself freely, and incorporating Christian spirituality into the rhythm of everyday living.

VIDES Canada volunteers and missioners follow the teaching of St. John Bosco and the accompanying style of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello. They strive to be leaders in society through education and development projects, accompanying those they serve to better themselves.


Other facts about VIDES:

  • We are part of an International Voluntary Organization founded in 1987 by the Salesian Sisters
  • We have Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social council (ECOSOC) and is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.
  • VIDES is established all over the world: 11 countries in Europe, 5 Countries in Asia and 9 countries in America, all of which form part of the Salesian Family.
  • Our head office is in Rome¬† www.vides.org


What does Salesian mean?

To be ‘Salesian’ means to follow Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello’s way of ‘being’ and ‘working with’ young people. (Salesian Methodology) Salesians recognize the importance of ‘journeying’ with young people, encouraging and supporting them.

We believe and see the potential in each individual and through formal and informal education we set out to empower young people to be true to themselves, reach their full potential, and to be the protagonists in building a better world.


Values of Salesian Youth Work
At the heart of VIDES is the best interests of young people. VIDES adopts and puts into practice specific aims and values. Through this we believe young people receive a professional service that responds to their needs.



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